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Medical Billing

Code Rite Medical Billing is a medical billing company dedicated to assisting medical practices in achieving greater efficiency while reducing cost. These sound business solutions can be achieved by providing healthcare professionals with the option of outsourcing their insurance processing and medical billing to an expert reimbursement service such as our company. Our staff has over 35 years in experience in medical reimbursements.

Outsourcing coding to a medical coding consultant is a management strategy that many healthcare professionals are now recognizing as extremely beneficial to the financial health of their practice. By utilizing our services, a practice can take advantage of increased cash flow and marked improvement in office processes. These services not only provide a solution to a variety of the administrative problems a practice may experience, but also allow in-house staff to better care for the needs of patients, which should be their most important focus.

Our services include:

Get paid quickly with Electronic Claims submission

Reduce your Accounts receivables - due to our Continuous Follow-up of All Your Unpaid Claims

Provide dedicated Patient inquiries

HIPPA and OIG Compliant

Posting of EOB and Patient Payments

Create Claims Status Reports and Customized Management Reports

Increased Patient Payments with Timely and Professional Patient Statements

Annual Diagnosis and Procedure Code Audit

CPT Coding consultation - Certified Professional Coders on Staff

Physician Credentialing

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We will be happy to help you in any we can. Even one or two incorrect codes could be costing your practice thousands of dollars annually. Contact Code Rite Medical Billing in Murfreesboro, TN to learn more about our services.

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